World of Choices Feature

Miles beneath the Earth's crust in a hidden cavern, a legend speaks of an ancient wheel of stone with supernatural powers. Where did it come from? Was it honed with crude tools by our ancestors or was it a gift from ancient astronaut visitors? No one really knows it's origins, but it's existence is renown and it's decisive powers are purported to be real.

The Spin Your Fate app brings the power of this legendary stone wheel to your mobile device. Enter up to 8 different choices, select how many winning spins, and let the wheel decide your fate…if you dare.

World of Choices-mini apps

Coin Toss

Flipping a coin is simple, tried and true. To toss, just tap your screen (or shake your device) and then call it in the air.

Mysteries of the Black Pearl

The answers that you seek lie deep in the murky waters of the salty sea. Ask the Black Pearl for the answers that it only knows.

Spin Your Fate

Round and round it goes. Where will it stop? No one knows. Give our mighty wheel a spin and leave your decision in the hands of fate…if you dare.


S'lots of Choices

Press your luck in true Las Vegas style. Give the 3 reels of our slot machine a spin with the press of a button and let Lady Luck handle the rest.


Draw From A Hat

Place crumpled slips of paper into a hat and draw from it to make your decision(s). It even keeps notes on the order of the draw.


Off to the Races

Take your decision making to the horse track. Watch as our thoroughbred horses make a mad dash to the finish line to help decide your fate.


The Answer Lab

Take a mad scientist's approach to making a choice. Put on your lab coat and goggles, hit the switch, and watch as the latest creation from our lab makes your decision.


Peg The Answer

Launch into deep space to make your decision. Position the lunar claw, release it's grip, and watch as a ball falls through a maze of pegs that float in space into the laser receptacles below.