5 Strikes Challenge Game

Game Play: Plays like the classic "Hangman", with one exception. You are given a score for the word you guess. The quicker you can guess the word, the higher the score will be. Once you have guessed the word correctly, you will be given another word. Once you strike out, the game is done and your final score is counted.

Note: You are given five (5) strikes per word in this challenge game. Once a word has been successfully discovered, the strikes roll back to zero.

Tip: You are given a hint (Noun, Verb, Adjective, or Adverb). This can be helpful when making your guess. Also, on smaller words, try to use the "Reveal" power-up to have a letter given to you. The "Eliminate Letters" power-up can be useful as well by eliminating letters from the selection pool without adding strikes to your count. And, don't forget about the "Remove Strike" power-up. With four strikes on the board and you're still not sure of the word, rather than just taking a guess, remove the strike for another chance.

Avatars are not available in this game.