Blitz Challenge - Word Puzzle GameTile Blitz Challenge Game

In this game, the tiles will fall from the sky at a fairly quick pace. But, don't worry, they will stop falling before the tiles reach the top. They will, however, push up from the bottom if you don't knock them down fast enough. The rules of this game are simple, select tiles to spell words  to earn points. There are no obstructions in your way in this game.

You are given a total of 2 minutes to complete this game, so be quick!

Note: There are no unbreakable blocks, moving tiles, or other obstructions to interfere with you making words.

Avatars and Power-ups are allowed in this game, so take advantage of them. If you can get your avatar to a maximum power, you can really do some damage to your score. Also, try to make as many of your words connect. This can raise your multiplier to a maximum of 8x if you're fast enough.