Game Objective

Tumbling Tiles combines the intellect and strategy of a word game, like "Scrabble" or "Words with Friends" with a fast-paced action puzzle game, like "Tetris" or "BeJeweled". It also has a bit of an adventure-feel to it in the sense that you travel through time collecting gems and coins to purchase upgrades and power-ups that will help you pass the game levels.

Any game level is completed in one of two ways, tiles reaching the top of the game board or the time running out. The goal of each level is to create enough words to generate a score high enough to gain one or more gems. If the goal is reached, the player can move forward to the next level. The player can retry any previously played level to try to earn 3 gems or collect more coins.


Avatars can be used to help clear the board of tiles before they reach the top. Each avatar has his or her own special attack move that it uses. At the start of the game, you are given one avatar, Hercules. The other avatars must be purchased with the gems that you earn by passing levels. Each avatar cost 21 gems to unlock.

You can also upgrade your avatar with the coins you collect. Upgrading an avatar's "POWER" will increase the amount of letter tiles it will destroy, and, upgrading it's "REFRESH" will decrease the amount of time it takes before you can use it again. The costs of the upgrades increases as the avatar gets more and more powerful.


Power-ups can be crutial in completing a level. They assist in many ways, all dependent on the power-up used. Some levels will be almost impossible to beat without them. The "Letter Flip" power-up, for instance can be very effective on levels that generate unbreakable blocks by flipping them around to reveal a selectable letter.

Game Rules

  1. Spell words (of 3 or more letters) to earn points.
  2. Words can be "Connected" or "Unconnected".
  3. Connected words will earn more points than unconnected words.
  4. Connected words will also earn coins and bonus tiles (such as: multipliers, exploding tiles, and extra time)
  5. Once a bonus tile has been generated, it must be used in a word before it is earned.
  6. New tiles will raise up from the bottom to push existing tiles upward.
  7. If a column reaches the top, the game is over and the time machine doors close.
  8. If time runs out, the game is over and the time machine doors close.
  9. At the time the doors close, if no gems have been scored, then the you have failed the level and must try again.
  10. If one or more gems have been earned, you can move forward to the next level.

As you make your way through the levels, they will get increasingly more difficult: Letters will begin to swap places on you. Unplayable tiles will generate that can only be removed by explosions or certain power-ups. Letters will be generated upside-down or mirrored. And, obstacles will get in the way, making it more difficult to select tiles. The need for a strong avatar and plenty of power-ups is evident in later levels.

Game Pieces

Letter Tile: This is a playable letter tile. Use this to spell words.
Flipped Tile: This is a letter tile that has been flipped. This tile is unplayable fore a brief moment, until it flips back to reveal its letter.
Unbreakable Block: This is a useless block that takes up space on your game board. The only way to remove this piece is to blow it up with exploding tiles, use the "Letter Flip" power-up, or have an avatar smash it (or slash it, or bash it…).
Fire Tile: This letter tile is explosive. Use the letter in a playable word and it will explode to eliminate all surrounding tiles.
Multiplier: This is a multiplier. Earn these by creating high-scoring, connected words. Use this letter in a playable word to activate it. Your multiplier will max out at 8x.
Extra Time: This will put a few more seconds back on your clock.
Coin Tile: Earn this by creating connected words that do not meet the requirements of a Multiplier, Extra Time, or Fire Tile. Use this letter in a playable word to retrieve the coins. Each one of these tiles is worth 100 coins.
Wild Tile: This is simply a "Wild Card" letter. You can use this to help spell words. It will take the place of any letter as long as it can spell a playable word.
Frozen Tile: This is a frozen tile. This tile is generated only in the "Ice Age" levels. This tile must be tapped once to break off the ice before it is made selectable.